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Although we will watch and consider adding any video related to disc golf to the PDGA Videos page, the Featured Video section of PDGA.com’s home page is reserved for tournament coverage videos. To be more specific, the Featured Video section is reserved for tournament coverage videos from a relatively recent PDGA sanctioned event that meet certain criteria. Although there is no official template for tournament coverage videos, there are plenty of things that most would consider as basic requirements.

The PDGA receives dozens of communications every week about things happening in the disc golf world that could be worthy of an article or story for the front page of PDGA.com. As much as we would love to publish everything that comes on our way, there simply isn’t enough time and aren’t enough resources to do so. We do our best to get interesting stories published from outside sources while also making sure we are bringing fans of disc golf quality and timely content covering the PDGA Majors and National Tour events.

As disc golf continues to grow at a rapid pace, we wanted to provide a channel for disc golf content producers around the globe to share their content with the viewers of PDGA.com, the PDGA Facebook page, @PDGA on Twitter, the PDGA Weekly Newsletter, and fans of disc golf everywhere.

Media Categories

There are 3 main types of disc golf content that we are looking for:

Day 1 of Disc Golf Network's coverage of the 2008 Tupelo Bay Open in Myrtle Beach, SC brought to you by Innova Discs and Revolution Bags.

The 2008 Tupelo Bay Open was contested on Dec. 13-14, 2008 in scenic Myrtle Beach, SC and the Disc Golf Network was there to capture all of the action for PDGA TV. Will Avery Jenkins conquer the famed Tupelo Bay course with his patented power game to capture his first Tupelo Bay title, or will one of the host of other top level players from the PDGA Tour prevail? (Part 1/2, 60+ min.)