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With the sport of disc golf growing in popularity every single year, it's a necessity for the PDGA to bring in extra help if and when we can. Like many other companies and organizations, one way we do this is through a summer internship program at the International Disc Golf Center. Whether it's promoting the sport, assuring excellence in the operation of our events, or working on projects to make the sport of disc golf bigger and better for our members, there's always something to do. In the heart of the disc golf season, we warmly welcome any extra helping hands.

The PDGA is looking for a summer intern to fulfill school credit hours. Students pursuing a degree in sports management, business, recreation management or other related fields are encouraged to apply. The internship program represents a full-time opportunity (minimum of 40 hours per week) for conscientious students to have the best twelve-week (at a minimum) experience of their academic careers. It is a culmination of course work, prior field experience, and personal aspirations into direct application under the supervision of employees of the PDGA. The internship will not be a paid one; however a stipend will be included to help afford housing costs throughout the duration of the internship.

Summer is upon us and with it comes two new members to the PDGA team at the International Disc Golf Center in Appling, GA. The tour season is in full swing and with it team members are swamped by the daily duties of event and player management; help is here to lighten the load.

The PDGA is happy to announce the addition of the Historical Data Entry Clerk, Amber Sweeton, and summer intern, Warren Hollinshead, for seasonal help.