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There are many who would agree that one of the next phases in disc golf's development will be gaining support from outside brands and businesses.  Just gaining more spectators might be a great first-step in demonstrating that disc golf is intriguing and engaging.  However, if we know nothing about our players' and fans' behavior, consumer preferences, and values, then we might as well just prop up cardboard cutouts at tournaments.  

For the second consecutive year, disc golf action will be kicking off the 20-show Beach Sports Network broadcast season.

The National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship wrapped up today in grand fashion. As the winds continued to howl, the players went out on to the battlefield ready for a fight. With a Women’s Individual Final to be determined and the Team Championships in all four divisions yet to be settled, a long day of golf was ahead of the pack. The intensity of the Championship had settled in.

As the sun rose this morning in North Augusta, South Carolina, nearly 400 college students awoke from dreams of being crowned a National Champion. Today marked the start of the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship, the fastest growing event in disc golf. Along with pioneering different team formats of play and the only type of complex schedule that could accommodate this large field, Tournament Founder Pete May and Tournament Director Alan Kane have created the type of atmosphere expected at a large gathering of college students; a giant party.

The players filled the courses at the Hippodrome complex Saturday with excitement and anticipation for individual competition.  Team play is not only about how they can function as a unit, but also the individual pieces of the puzzle.  Now, instead of all playing together, the teams were split up and spread out over the two courses.  Singles play leaves the door wide open for the leaders to slip, and the chasers to become the chased.

Day two of the 2013 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships played host to some very exciting disc golf action. As the players arrived to the Hippodrome complex, they were treated to sunny skies and much better weather than the previous day. The scores were proof of that, as the competitors began to light it up.

Well, Spring has sprung in North Augusta which means the flowers are blooming, the Masters is just around the corner and, more importantly in the disc golf world, the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships are about to get underway.  The NCDGC is the National Championship crowning event for collegiate disc golf. It is a team event with schools from across the country competing for the title of National Disc Golf Champions.