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New PDGA Supporting Memberships

Disc golf is booming and so is the knowledge. The PDGA is looking towards the future and sees an opportunity to move closer to our goal of global-recognition. With an already impressive member base of over 41,000, we recognize the need to market how many people, in addition to our members, are competing. Our hope is that this more accurate number will attract major corporate sponsors and bring disc golf into the eyes of the media.

We have created a new system to track these competitors, known as Supporting Members. Previously it was the sole responsibility of the Tournament Directors to gather all non-member contact information at their event. Unfortunately, this data was not always complete and/or accurate. Now, TDs will simply hand out a card (available through TD packages) to each non-member who competes in the event and pays the $10 non-member fee. This card will explain how to sign up for a Supporting Membership.

As a thank you for competing in a PDGA sanctioned event and registering as a Supporting Member, we will send them a personalized mini marker disc and PDGA rulebook as well as assign a lifetime membership number. These competitors will continue to pay the $10 non member fee at all sanctioned events and not be able to participate in SuperTour or Majors until they decide to become a FULL member. These Supporting Members will show up at and on a Tournament Director's weekly member list as non-current members. However we will continue to track our Supporting Members and update their stats for when they do decide to join. This will also help determine which divisions these Supporting Members should participate in based on the skill level, age, and gender. In addition, Supporting Members will be given the opportunity to upgrade to a FULL membership at a discounted rate ($10 off).

If you qualify for a Supporting membership please visit to get started!