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806.01 Two-meter Rule - Official Rules and Regulations of Disc Golf

  1. If a disc has come to rest above two meters, as measured from the lowest point of the disc to the playing surface directly below it, the player shall be assessed a one-throw penalty. The player shall then proceed in accordance with 802.02.C.
  2. If the lie directly below the disc on the playing surface is out-of-bounds, the disc is played as out-of-bounds regardless of its height above the playing surface.
  3. A disc supported by the target is not subject to the two-meter rule.
  4. If the thrower moves the disc before a determination has been made, the disc is considered to have come to rest above two meters.
  5. The Director may declare the two-meter rule to be in effect for the entire course, for particular holes, and/or for individual objects.