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805.01 Appeals - Official Rules and Regulations of Disc Golf

  1. When a group cannot reach a decision regarding a ruling, the benefit of the doubt shall be given to the thrower. However, any player may seek the ruling of an official, and the official's ruling supersedes the group's ruling. Any player desiring an appeal of the group's decision shall promptly and clearly express that desire to the group.
  2. If an official is readily available, the group shall stand aside to seek the official's ruling, allowing other groups to play through.
  3. If an official is not readily available, the group shall proceed in one of two ways. The group may reach a decision with the benefit of the doubt going to the thrower, and continue play. Alternatively, if the thrower does not wish to continue play under the group's decision, the thrower may declare a provisional per 804.06 B. The use of provisional throws is encouraged in all situations where the thrower questions the group's or an official's ruling.
  4. A player may appeal an official's ruling to the Director. If the Director is readily available, the appeal shall be heard directly. The group shall stand aside awaiting the ruling on appeal. If the Director is not readily available, the group shall continue playing under the official's ruling. The appeal shall be made as soon as is practical. The decision of the Director shall be final.
  5. Where a group's or official's decision is overturned on appeal, the official or Director may, in the interest of fairness, allow the thrower's score to remain the same, or adjust the thrower's score to reflect the correct interpretation of the rules. Only in a case where a replay is the most fair solution, at the discretion of the Director, shall a hole or holes be replayed.