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802.03 Marking The Lie - Official Rules and Regulations of Disc Golf

  1. The position of a thrown disc on the in-bounds playing surface marks its lie.
  2. Alternatively, a mini marker disc may be used to mark the lie by placing it on the playing surface, touching the front of the thrown disc on the line of play.
  3. A player is required to mark the lie with a mini marker disc in the following situations:
    1. Marking an approximate lie;
    2. Marking a disc above or below the playing surface (see 802.02.C);
    3. Relocating the lie within one meter of an out-of-bounds area (see 802.03.D);
    4. Taking relief (see 803.01).
  4. If the position of the thrown disc is in-bounds but within one meter of an out-of-bounds line, the lie may be marked by placing a mini marker disc on the playing surface at any point on a one-meter line that extends perpendicularly from the nearest point on the out-of-bounds line and passes through the center of the thrown disc, even if the direction takes the lie closer to the target. For the purpose of marking the lie, the out-of-bounds line represents a vertical plane.
  5. If a large solid obstacle prevents the player from taking a legal stance behind the marker disc, the player may instead mark the lie by placing a mini marker disc on the playing surface immediately behind that obstacle on the line of play.
  6. A marker disc that is moved prior to the ensuing throw shall be replaced to its original position to mark the approximate lie.
  7. A player shall receive a warning for the first violation of a marking rule. One penalty throw shall be assessed for each subsequent violation of any marking rule during the round.