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802.02 Establishing Position - Official Rules and Regulations of Disc Golf

  1. The thrown disc establishes a position where it first comes to rest.
  2. A disc is considered to be at rest once it is no longer moving as a result of the momentum imparted by the throw. A disc in water or foliage is considered to be at rest once it is moving only as a result of movement of the water, the foliage, or the wind.
  3. If the disc first comes to rest above or below the playing surface, its position is on the playing surface directly below or above the disc.
  4. If the thrown disc breaks into pieces, the largest piece is deemed to be the thrown disc.
  5. If the thrown disc has moved after it first came to rest on the in-bounds playing surface, it shall be replaced to its approximate position. If it first came to rest elsewhere, the disc need not be replaced, and any determinations are made relative to where it first came to rest.