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801.04 Courtesy - Official Rules and Regulations of Disc Golf

  1. Players should not throw until they are certain that the thrown disc will not distract another player or potentially injure anyone present.
  2. Players should watch the other members of their group throw in order to aid in locating errant throws and to ensure compliance with the rules.
  3. Players should take care not to produce any auditory or visual distractions while other players are throwing. Distracting actions include: shouting, cursing, freestyling, striking course equipment, throwing out of turn, throwing or kicking golf bags, throwing minis, and advancing on the fairway beyond the away player. Shouting at an appropriate time to warn someone in danger of being struck by a disc is not a courtesy violation.
  4. Refusal to perform an action expected by the rules, such as assisting in the search for a lost disc, moving discs or equipment, or keeping score properly, is a courtesy violation.
  5. Littering is a courtesy violation.
  6. Courtesy dictates that players who smoke should not allow their smoke to disturb other players. Disposing of a cigarette butt by dropping it on the ground is littering.
  7. A player violating a courtesy rule may be warned by any affected player, even if from another group, or by an official. The player shall be assessed one penalty throw for each subsequent courtesy violation of any type in the same round. Repeated violations of courtesy rules may result in disqualification in accordance with Section 3.3 of the Competition Manual.