3.5 Carts and Caddies - Official Rules and Regulations of Disc Golf

  1. Players are required to walk during their tournament rounds at all PDGA events unless alternate transportation such as golf carts are provided to all competitors.

  2. Players will have the option to bring a caddie or carrying device during their round of play. A player's caddie is subject to all items within the PDGA Rules of Play and the PDGA Competition Manual including all applicable dress codes.

  3. Players choosing to use a caddie will be solely responsible for their caddie's conduct from the two minute warning until the players cards are turned in. Misconduct by a caddie may subject both the player and caddie to disqualification and/or suspension.

  4. Players must instruct their caddies to maintain a reasonable distance and not interfere with a competitor attempting his or her shot.

  5. For those players wishing to use a carrying device, approved carrying devices include disc golf bags, foldable chairs and push cart companions. No animals, motor driven or bicycle type devices shall be allowed at all PDGA events.