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1.9 Tie Breakers - Official Rules and Regulations of Disc Golf

  1. Between rounds when the groups are being reset, tied positions shall be broken. The player with the lowest score in the most recent round shall have the highest ranking when the scorecards/positions are reset. In the event of ties for lowest score across all previous rounds, the ties shall be broken by the Tournament Director through a consistently applied manner such as lowest PDGA number or alphabetical by last name.

  2. Final ties for first place in any division or for the reduction of field size must be broken by sudden death play. Sudden death play shall begin with hole number one unless a different hole or series of holes is designated by the Tournament Director prior to the start of the tournament.

  3. First place cash/prize must be awarded to the division winner and listed in the event results. Cash or prizes may not be evenly split between any players tied for first place.

  4. Final ties for other ranks shall be officially recorded as ties. Prize money distribution to tied players (other than for first place) shall be determined by adding the total money allocated to the number of positions represented by the tied players and dividing that by the number of players tied. Trophy distribution for ties may be determined by sudden death play or by any related disc golf skill event determined by the Tournament Director, but only for the purpose of awarding trophies, the players must remain officially recorded as tied in the results.