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1.7 Suspension of Play - Official Rules and Regulations of Disc Golf

  1. If, in the opinion of the Tournament Director, lightning, excessive rain or hazardous conditions exist that make it impractical or dangerous to continue play, the tournament shall be suspended. The signal to suspend play shall be made in the same fashion as the signal to start, but using three short blasts. These blasts should be repeated at least once within a minute time-frame and the Tournament Director should make any necessary efforts to ensure all groups could hear the signal.

  2. Players shall immediately stop play and mark the lie of each member of the group. A natural object is sufficient to mark the approximate lie from which the player shall resume play. Players shall then return to the first teeing area, clubhouse, tournament central or area designated by the Tournament Director.

  3. Players shall resume play from their approximate lies as established when the round was halted. The approximate lie is determined by a majority of the group.

  4. The Tournament Director may allow players to take a break while waiting for weather to improve, but may require players to return at a time assigned by the Tournament Director until play resumes or until the round is postponed.

  5. Play shall be resumed using the same signals to the players as at the start of the round - a two-minute warning consisting of two short blasts, then a single extended blast to indicate the round restarting two minutes later.

  6. The Tournament Director may postpone the incomplete portion of the round for a later date if, in the Tournament Director's opinion, the conditions will not improve or if darkness will fall prior to the projected finish time.

  7. Partial round scores shall be carried forward to the completion of the round whenever the round is resumed.

  8. A player who stops playing before a signal to stop has been given shall receive two penalty throws if, in the opinion of the Tournament Director, the player stopped playing prematurely.

  9. The Tournament Director will make every effort to complete all rounds of the tournament as scheduled.

    1. If a total of 54 holes or fewer holes are scheduled. All players must complete a minimum of 18 holes for the event to be considered official.

    2. If a total of 72 holes are scheduled. All players must complete a minimum of 36 holes for the event to be considered official.

    3. If these criteria are not met, all efforts will be made to reschedule the event. If rescheduling is impossible, a full refund will be issued minus player’s package, PDGA, and other associated event fees.

  10. Based upon course availability, and if less than one half of the field needs to complete a round necessary to declare the event official, the tournament may be completed the day after the final round was scheduled. All suspended rounds shall be completed, unless conditions exist that make it impossible. If such conditions exist, the results shall be final as of the last completed round as long as the necessary hole requirements are met.

  11. The completion of a suspended round is a higher priority than a future round and thus future rounds shall be canceled in order to complete a suspended round.