1.11 Officials - Official Rules and Regulations of Disc Golf

  1. To be eligible to serve as an official, an individual must be a current PDGA member and have demonstrated knowledge of the rules by passing the PDGA Official's Exam. Upon significant changes to the Rules of Play, the PDGA Board of Directors may require officials to pass an updated Official's Exam to retain certification as an official.

  2. Tournament Directors are required to pass the Official's Exam before they may sanction an event.

  3. Each official must pass the PDGA Officials Exam, and must carry a copy of the rules.

  4. Non-playing certified officials appointed by the Tournament Director may actively make rulings during any tournament play that they witness. If an appointed official competes in the tournament, he or she may not officiate for any ruling within his or her own division. The official's ruling supersedes the ruling of the group, but an appeal may be made to the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director may empower non-certified officials to act as spotters for a specific spotting purpose. The ruling of such a spotter supersedes the ruling of the group.