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1.10 Distribution of Prizes - Official Rules and Regulations of Disc Golf

  1. Any prizes (money or merchandise) declined by a player must pass down to the next finishing position. (Example: If a player placing third declines his prize, the player in fourth place will receive third place prize, the player in fifth will receive fourth place prize, etc.) Tournaments are allowed to retain prizes that have been declined by all players within a division only after the declined prizes have been passed through all finishing positions. This does not include an Amateur player requesting merchandise in lieu of cash in a Professional division.

  2. The usage of skins (and other similar formats) is permitted at PDGA events but those scores are not allowed to determine a player's overall standing in the event and prizes are not credited towards a player's winnings.

  3. Any prizes that a player has earned will be distributed at the completion of the event once the results have been tabulated and verified.

    1. Tournament Directors may award prizes earlier at their discretion.

    2. Players who leave before the official distribution of prizes do not relinquish their winnings but are responsible for any associated shipping costs.