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Players Cup Preview

A new age in disc golf is set to begin. It will be a time when thousands of people become intimately involved in watching and caring about disc golf. People will watch and cheer and cry. The Player’s Cup will be the catalyst. Get your brackets ready!

64 Players / 6 Rounds / $5,000 First Prize

Regional qualifiers begin next week and run through September. Sign up today!

Vibram Disc Golf, in association with Sun King Disc Sports, is proud to present the rebirth of The Player’s Cup as a Match Play Championship.

March Madness reborn as a disc golf tournament.

What: The 2010 Player’s Cup
When: November 19-21, 2010
Where: Ocala, FL – on the same course as the Sunshine State Shootout
Who: The top 32 ranked players and 32 players via Regional Qualifiers
Why: To watch our sports best go mano a mano

Each player will get a minimum of five rounds. End up with a winning record (3-2 or better), you get paid. End up 6-0, you get paid $5,000. If you’re scared, say you’re scared.

Remember March Madness? It does not matter if you follow college basketball, no matter what, you follow March Madness. You fill out your bracket and you start rooting for your teams. We’re taking that model and applying it to disc golf, complete with an online bracket sponsored by DGA.

For the first time ever in our sport, thousands of fans will care about the outcome of a match, of a hole, of a singular throw. Let’s get hooked to watching disc golf and rooting for our favorite players. It’s time to blow the roof off and grow the sport!

The 2010 Player’s Cup Match Play Championship, proudly presented by Vibram Disc Golf and hosted by Sun King Disc Sports.

Regional qualifiers begin next week and run through September. Sign up today!