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HotDogs! & TopDogs!

Big Dog’s Hot Dogs! & Top Dogs!

Some Hot Dogs! & Top Dogs! from Day Three of the the 2011 PDGA Amateur and Junior World Championships in Rochester New York:

Hot Rounds:

• Michael Brayton of the MG1 division shot a 49 in the fourth round at Ellison which got a rating of 1009 – Hot Dog!
• MA1 division-leader Dan Hastings carded a 47 the next round at Ellison which was rated at 1024 – Hot Dog!
• In Round 4 of the MA1 division, Dylan Horst shot a 49 at the Chili Course which was rated at 1030 – Hot Dog!
• MM1 division-leader Rick Reichard shot a 50 at Basil Marella in the E pool’s fifth round which got a 1031 rating – Hot Dog!
• In Round 4 action for the MM1 division, Mark McGarity shot a 49 at the Basil Marella course to earn a 1034 round-rating – Hot Dog!
• But these all take a back seat to Junior Boys Under-19 division leader Steven Jacobs who, at the Churchville course, shot a 46 in his fourth round to earn a round-rating of 1035 – Top Dog!

Hot Leads:

• Carol Silverthorn leads the FG1 division by 7 throws – Hot Dog!
• Local favorite Melynda Apton is leading the FA1 division by 11 throws – Hotdog!
• Nicholas Duran leads the MJ3 division by 13 throws – Hot Dog!
• Ian Krajna leads the MJ4 division by 15 throws – Hot Dog!
• Steven Jacobs leads the MJ1 division by 15 throws – Hot Dog!
• Rick Reichard leads the MM1 division by 15 throws – Hot Dog!
• But 73 year old Pete May is leading the Legends division after three rounds by a whopping 44 throws – Top Dog!

Hot Divisional Contests:

• FM1 – 3 competitors within 9 strokes of the lead – Hot Dog!
• MJ2 – 4 competitors within 7 strokes of the lead – Hot Dog!
• MS1 - 5 competitors within 6 strokes of the lead – Hot Dog!
• MG1 – 3 competitors within 3 strokes of the lead – Hot Dog!
• But in the MA1 division – 8 competitors are within 8 strokes of the lead – Top Dog!

Stay tuned for more of Big Dog’s Hot Dogs! & Top Dogs! including Big Dog’s Bites! – crazy, dumb, and funny snippets heard from around the tournament!

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Andrew "Big Dog" Sweeton